When to wear an old pair of skinny diapers

When it comes to wearing an old-style pair of diapers, we’ve all been there.There’s that dreaded second-hand smell.The wet, sticky feeling when you’re holding a diaper with a long handle and it doesn’t come off.And then there’s the smell when you take them out.Nowadays, the best way to avoid those feelings is to keep them.But

New York City’s ‘summer’ swimwear is making its way to the beach

NEW YORK — New York City is embracing summertime swimwear as a fashion trend, but it’s not the only one.It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of any city doing it, said Tia Henningsen, a fashion photographer based in the boroughs Bronx and Queens.“Summer is just such an exciting time for us,” Hennensaid.“We just want