‘Weirdest’ swimwear is the newest ‘weird’ item in fashion’s weirdest season

A new collection of clothing by clothing company Boyshorts has inspired a debate among fashion fans about the weirdest seasons to wear. According to the brand, the collection features a collection of swimwear that “has been called the most weirdest ever”, and it features items that have “nearly zero style or design appeal”.The collection was inspired

Jordan Brand launches JCPenney’s Swimwear Collection in Spring 2019

The new line of Jordan Brand swimwear is set to hit store shelves in spring 2019.The line of swimwear will be available for purchase through Jordan Brand’s online store and online at jordanbluestore.com, and will feature three different swimwear styles: the Jordan 1.0 (designed for girls and boys ages 3 to 9) and the Jordan

Cupcake swimwear

Cupcake is a popular trend in Japan.It is known for its sleek, comfortable designs, cute designs and stylish accessories.The popular cupcake has been on the rise in popularity since 2016.It has now been a popular Japanese fashion trend for the past few years.But the trend of cupcake is not limited to Japan.People have also taken

Swimwear brand plumeria makes a splash with a new ‘sexy’ line of swimwear

Swimwear retailer plumeria has released a range of ‘sexxy’ swimwear.The brand has created the ‘sexy’ ‘Tropical Tops’ and the ‘seedy’ ‘Mozambique’ range which feature a range that is ‘sextrous’ and has the ability to be worn ‘sexually’ in different ways.The collection is based on the concept of ‘fearlessness’ and ‘sex appeal’, but the swimwear is