A stunning, stunning body of work from @o neills brand

The latest swimwear from @O neill has been featured in the upcoming issue of Shape magazine, a collection that celebrates women of color and features all-natural, wearable and non-toxic options.#OneillSwimwear includes beautiful women’s styles that celebrate their bodies, plus one-of-a-kind, exclusive swimwear.O neills is the creator of some of the most beautiful and unique swimwear

Bodybuilding guru explains why he doesn’t want to look like the skinny-waisted bodybuilding queen

When it comes to bodybuilding, a lot of people have been following what the “ideal” body is supposed to look in, or rather, what the skinny bodybuilder looks like.Some, like Kim Kardashian, have been wearing clothes that fit her.Others, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, have not.Some have even gone as far as to suggest that they’re not

Which is the best bikini swimsuit for men?

The men’s bikini swimsuits are known for their fit and comfort, with the bikini swim top being most popular among women.However, the men’s swimwear can be a little more expensive compared to the women’s, with many opting for more modest swimwear.There are plenty of women’s and men’s shorts and swimwear for men to choose from,