Swimwear brand plumeria makes a splash with a new ‘sexy’ line of swimwear

Swimwear retailer plumeria has released a range of ‘sexxy’ swimwear.

The brand has created the ‘sexy’ ‘Tropical Tops’ and the ‘seedy’ ‘Mozambique’ range which feature a range that is ‘sextrous’ and has the ability to be worn ‘sexually’ in different ways.

The collection is based on the concept of ‘fearlessness’ and ‘sex appeal’, but the swimwear is also ‘seamlessly wearable’ with the ability of being worn on ‘any body type’, as the brand explained in a press release.

“We’re excited to see how the Tropic Tops and the Mozambique will work in your everyday life.

They’re also great to wear with a skirt or skirt top, so that the ‘tastes’ of your ‘seXXy’ outfits can be fully embraced,” the press release reads.”

Our sexy swimwear will make you feel sexy and sexy is sexy, so it’s only natural that the Tropics and Mozambiques are going to be the perfect choice for you.”

The range includes the following pairs of swimsuit bottoms:Top swimwear from plumeria source TalkSports title Top swimwear brands make splash with ‘seXy’ collections article Top swim wear brands have launched ‘seXXXy’ fashion collections in a bid to capture attention and popularity amongst young women.

A range of top swimwear that will appeal to women under the age of 30 is currently being launched, with the brand announcing it will launch the ‘sporty’ collection for women aged 15 to 25.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to be in the public eye.

I think it has a lot of potential for young women and it will appeal both to men and women,” Plumeria founder and chief executive, Felipe López, said in a statement.”

It’s an opportunity to show how women are fashion-forward, fashionable, and fun and to have a sexy collection to show that.”

The ‘slim’ and colourful tops, which include lace detailing, have been inspired by ‘fairy tale princesses’ and are also a ‘sexxxy’ alternative to the more traditional ‘sexy’ top.

The range is available at Plumeria’s flagship store in Sydney, Victoria and at Plumers ‘Sexy’ website.

The launch comes after Plumeria launched the ‘Sexiest’ collection in the US earlier this year.

A number of brands have been experimenting with sexier swimwear in the past year, with brands such as Topshop and H&M being one of the first to introduce new ‘sexiest’ swimsuits to the market in the last year.