Thong swimsuits for men and women, with tips and advice

Three men and a woman have made a stunning collection of thong swimmingwear.

The men’s swimwear is made from the same nylon that is used to make thongs for men, but the women’s are made from cotton twill.

The pair of thongs feature a pair of colourful rubber banding and a small zipper pocket.

Men’s swimsuits, available from the likes of Thong Swimwear, include:• A short, light-weight thong.• A long, fitted thong with a waistband that opens at the waist.• An elongated thong, with a thigh pocket and a large zipper.• Long, padded thongs, with an opening at the knee.

The women’s swimsuit is available from Thong Swimming, with three different styles of througoutseas, including the ‘jumper’ with a long skirt, and the ‘dresser’ with the skirt and a dress.

The two styles come in two lengths: short and long.

The shorts and dresses are made of the same cotton twills used to knit shorts for men.

The long and padded thong has elastic waistband, a zipper pocket and elastic waist band.

Women’s swimuits, available at the likes.

The men’s and women’s thong styles are identical: the thong for men is made of nylon twill, while the thongs are made with cotton twilling.

The thongs also feature a separate zipper pocket for each waistband.

A short, medium and large thong are available.

The shorts and the dresser have elastic waistbands, and a separate elastic waist pocket for the skirt.

The long thong comes in two sizes: short, and long, with the long skirt coming in at 6ft 6in and the short skirt at 4ft 6ins.

The men and the women also come in a range of different coloured thongs and pants, with white, black, grey, purple and a range available in red, blue, yellow and green.

A thong is usually only worn by women, as there are no strapless options for men to choose from.

It is available in two colours: black and white, and in the men’s style, the waistband is tucked into the skirt, rather than being attached to the thigh.

The range includes shorts and dressers, with shorts ranging from £69.99 to £279.99.

A men’s thongs range costs from £59.99, while a women’s range costs £79.99A thongs is a must-have item for any man.

It makes a great stocking filler for your summer wardrobe and will keep you warm and dry.

If you have any questions about the thinning process, feel free to call our range on 01737 990 790.