Which women are wearing the most swimwear?

The women who are wearing more swimwear than their male counterparts are in the top 1% of women, according to a study published Monday by the Women’s Wear Daily.

The study found that women wearing swimwear made up almost half of all women’s swimwear sales in 2014, up from 35% in 2013.

Women in the highest-earning quintile — women earning $200,000 or more — bought about 42% of all swimwear sold in 2014.

According to the study, the average American woman purchased $4,500 in swimwear in 2014; women in the lowest-earner quintile purchased $2,500.

But the most popular brands in swim wear in 2014 were the brands that are based in Muslim countries, like ASOS, the Gap, and Nordstrom, as well as the ones that are owned by men, like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

As for women in general, the study found they bought about 13% of their swimwear purchases in Muslim-majority countries, compared to 6% in Europe.

Women also bought more swim wear than men in the U.S. and Western Europe, the survey found, and bought less than 10% of the sales of men in Muslim majority countries.

But as with all studies, there are caveats: the findings could be biased in some ways.

For instance, the Women in Swimwear Study only surveyed women in their 20s and 30s.

While the results may not be accurate, the researchers found the top 10% sales of swimwear were mostly women, as they age, and that this group is growing more diverse.