‘Sassy’ kids swimwear launches in US, UK, Canada

Sassy swimwear is coming to Canada in February, the company announced.

The new line will be available in select brands, including the Billabong Girls Swimwear, which is now owned by the brand.

“We’ve had a few inquiries about the brand from brands in the US and UK and we’ve been excited to offer them the opportunity to join us in our new launch in Canada,” Billabongs founder and CEO Rishi Bajaj said in a statement.

“As an international brand, we want to take the opportunity here in Canada to showcase our brand to our Canadian customers.”

Billabongs is known for its innovative and creative line of apparel, including its line of childrens-sized swimwear.

The company also has a number of women’s swimwear lines, including their new line of super-soft swimsuits.

Billabong is owned by China’s Alibaba Group.