New bikini maternity swimsuits from Zara and Nudie swimwear

Zara, the US fashion and beauty giant, is launching a new line of maternity swim wear.

The brand’s new line, called Nude, is a collection of the brand’s most popular maternity swim gear, including bikini swimsuits, maternity pants, swimwear and swim shorts.

Nude is available in two colours, pink and navy blue.

The range also includes maternity swim shoes, baby clothes and accessories.

Nudies are available in sizes up to 30D.

The line will be available from August 13th to September 13th.

The company’s new maternity line is the latest addition to its maternity line.

The first two lines of the company’s line, Nude and Maternity Swimwear, were launched in 2015.

The third line, the Nude Swimwear line, was launched in 2019.

The latest line from ZARA includes the following products: Zara maternity swimsuit, white, black, purple, black with gold trim, white/gold-trimmed swim shorts, white Nude swimsuit with a matching maternity skirt and white/black maternity pants.