Zimmermann to offer free swimwear to refugees in Germany

The head of Germany’s largest clothing retailer, Zimmerman, has said he will offer free swimmingwear to anyone who needs it in the country after more than 600,000 people arrived in Germany since the start of the year.

Zimmermans founder Alexander Zimmern said his company would open a swimming pool at its Berlin headquarters on Monday, which he said would be used to train refugees to swim in safety.

“This is not about politics,” he told reporters.

“We are not asking for a donation.

We are offering the free swimsuit for all refugees.”

Zimmernn’s swimwear initiative comes after a spate of attacks on refugee camps in Germany.

More than 300 people were attacked in Hamburg, and hundreds more in Berlin in early September.

Police in Berlin arrested a man who tried to break into the Cologne main train station after the attacks.

German media reported that police also seized a man in Berlin after a suspected arson attack on a refugee shelter.

“It’s a new challenge,” Zimmer said, adding that the new offer would be free for the first 100 people who requested it.

“A million people have been accepted by us, so we are not afraid.”

Zimmers swimwear is also part of Zimmerns new push for “refugee welfare”.

He said the company would provide free clothing to the refugees, and that it would also offer a special discount for them to use in restaurants and other public places.

“Refugees are a group that has to learn new things,” Zimmers new boss said.

“If you ask me, the more things you learn, the better you will be able to survive.”

He said he was also offering a special swimming pool in the city centre, which was recently filled with more than 1.5 million refugees.