Which of the new swimwear styles are you looking forward to?

New Zealand swimwear brand Speedo has been praised for its new, sleek designs, and is looking to continue the trend with a range of shorts and swimwear that will be available this summer.

While Speedo hasn’t gone into specifics about the styles that are being made available, the company’s director of sales and marketing, John Wilson, said that the line of swimwear was the result of “research, a lot of trial and error, and a lot more creativity.”

Speedo’s new range of Speedo Swimwear shorts is a simple take on the popular “squeezy” style, with a single, rectangular shape that is both comfortable and fashionable.

The shorts are constructed of 100 per cent polyester, with velcro on the back, to help absorb water, and are made from 100 per of 100 Polyester by Dior, a sustainable textile company based in London.

Wilson said the shorts are “very casual,” but added that they were designed with “the right amount of breathability, and not just for the swimmer, but also for the athlete.”

Speedos shorts feature a simple, sleek design that is very comfortable and has the right amount, breathability and durability for swimming, and they are 100 per 100 polyester by Dyad, a fabric supplier based in the UK.

Wilson also noted that Speedos shorts are available in a range from “five colors to five different colors.”

Wilson said Speedos was the first company to offer swimwear in Australia and New Zealand, but that Speedo was able to “get it right.”

“We’ve had some great feedback from Australian customers who say they’ve liked the shorts, and we’re looking forward at a good summer season.”

Speedos is a part of Speed, a new range from Speed, which Wilson said will “go into our Australian store soon.”

Speed is currently in the process of rolling out its Swimwear range in the US and Canada, and Wilson said the company was looking to roll out the product globally.

He also said that Speed is now working with the American company Lush, which was founded in 2012, and that Speed had “done an amazing job.”

Speed said that in addition to the shorts that are available, it was also working with Australian company Speed, Lush and other companies in the swimwear industry.

“It’s really exciting to be a part and working with these companies who are bringing the products to market,” Wilson said.

“The swimwear is very different to anything that we’ve ever made, and it’s a great opportunity for Speed to expand our reach.”

Speed swimwear shorts are currently available in the Speedo website, and the brand is currently working with Speed on “a range of new Swimwear, including our popular Speedo Speed Swimwear Bags.”

Speed’s Swimwear line is expected to be available in mid-summer, with Wilson saying that the brand’s next range would be available to purchase later in the summer.

The new Speed Swim wear range will be released in stores across Australia in mid to late summer.