When kittens are cute, they’ll swim like superheroes

A new generation of kitties are embracing the power of a cute face.

A kitten named Sun has just been born and it is the first of a new breed of adorable critters that is taking the world by storm.

Sun is an 11-week old kitten who is already showing an incredible range of facial expressions, from a playful smile to a snappy, energetic “fetch” that is often the only sign that a kitten has grown up.

Sun is the result of a collaboration between the University of Texas at Austin and the University at Buffalo, who bred Sun and their other kittens to create this adorable, fun-loving breed of kittens.

Sun, a 11-day-old kitten, has a playful expression and a snappier laugh than most other kittens.

Sun and her siblings, who are all in their early teens, are doing just fine and the university is giving them a helping hand to take care of their growing young.

“Sun and the other littermates have been given a lot of attention and have been a very good source of encouragement,” said Dr. Lauren Johnson, associate professor of veterinary medicine at the University, who was involved in the project.

“We’ve been very fortunate to have been able to have these really great cats, and these kittens have done an incredible job of learning how to interact with other cats.”

Johnson said Sun’s personality has developed quickly over the course of her three-month development period.

She’s a natural leader and has a strong sense of curiosity.

She also has a keen sense of touch and her keen sense for music has made her a great listener.

Johnson said the first thing that caught her attention when she saw Sun was her personality.

“She is a sweetheart, very gentle and sweet,” Johnson said.

“She’s very playful and she enjoys being with other kittens.”

Johnson says the kittens are very energetic and playful.

“They can swim well, but they can also be very timid,” she said.

Johnson says she has no idea why Sun likes to be the center of attention.

“There are definitely some social cues in there,” Johnson explained.

“Sun does it very naturally, and she likes to sit with her friends in the corner, or with other people.

She doesn’t like people to see her as a plaything.”

Johnson and Johnson are hoping that Sun will grow up to be an incredibly useful companion for people.

“If we can give these kittens a bit of the social and socialization that we’ve been giving them, and they get to have a bit more independence and they can be a bit less territorial, that’s really exciting,” Johnson continued.

“It’s great to see that Sun’s going to be able to become a really good companion.”