“The next wave of fashion”

In the past decade, we’ve seen fashion trends take on new meanings.

For instance, the proliferation of the microfiber fabric, which helps to keep your body cool without adding bulk to your bag, has led to an uptick in people opting for more wearable materials, including underwear and even handbags.

As a result, the next wave for fashion could be something completely different.

Read more “I think we’re in the phase where there’s a new wave of clothes,” says Andrew Smith, founder of designer-run design company Rotita.

“It’s going to be a new kind of fashion, and it’s going in different directions.”

The latest trend?

New swimwear that’s inspired by Hawaii’s unique culture.

Smith’s collection features colorful prints that mimic the lush green waters of the islands.

The collection also includes the iconic Hawaiian-inspired kiwi print, which he says “is very reminiscent of the look of Hawaii.”

It’s a perfect way to show off your tropical vibe without a lot of watery clothes.

“I’ve seen people wear kiwis in this collection, and they’re just amazing,” he says.

“The kiwikis are very iconic and very much Hawaiian, and you can see it in their prints.”

But for many of the items in the collection, Smith uses Hawaiian designs to represent Hawaiian culture and the island’s distinctive rhythms.

“We try to create a kind of beachy feel with the clothes,” he explains.

“You’re going to find Hawaiian-print shorts, and then you’ll find Hawaiian shirt tops, and the kiwiki print is a Hawaiian-themed print.”

There’s a whole collection of Hawaiian-style prints to choose from, too, including a tuxedo print that looks like the koa and a beach print that’s perfect for a beachy look.

“If you want to look like a Hawaiian, you have to be in Hawaiian clothing,” he continues.

“And we think that the kai-wai prints are very Hawaiian-based.

And so we’re bringing Hawaiian culture into the designs.”

The kiwiwi prints aren’t the only prints in the show.

Smith also created a number of new prints inspired by the islands, including prints of the famous kiawa prints.

“This is just one of the prints that we made for the show,” he tells me.

“There are about six or seven other prints in there.

We’ve been doing prints of Hawaiian music and kaiwa songs and Hawaiian architecture and Hawaiian prints for a long time.”

Smith has also been influenced by the fashion scene in other parts of the world.

“In the U.K., we’ve had a really strong interest in the new wave and the surf culture, and a lot has happened with the trend of the surf and the fashion in the U!

K.,” he says, adding that “we think that we’re going in a very different direction.”

Rotita has also released a range of items inspired by Hawaiian culture, including shirts inspired by traditional clothing and jackets inspired by koa.

“So you’ve got a whole range of Hawaiian clothes,” Smith explains.

And he says the collection will continue to expand, as he and his team continue to create designs for the future.

“Every day we are pushing the boundaries of what it means to wear Hawaiian clothes, and we want to push that to our clients,” he adds.

“What we want is to be able to design things that we think are Hawaiian-appropriate.”