Jantzen’s new ‘Swimwear For Men’ will have an ‘X’ on the front

Jantzels new swimwear collection will have the ‘X’, the Japanese word for ‘out’ in its name, according to a brand spokesperson.

Jantzen, whose collection is based in Japan, has been making a push for a more adventurous look with its swimwear offerings in recent years.

Its ‘Swimmwear For Guys’ collection is aimed at men, while the ‘Swims For Men Swimwear’ collection will include the same X on the back.

The Jantzens new ‘X-Style’ collection also features a bold ‘X’-style logo on the sides of the shorts, as well as a small ‘X’.

The new collection will be available in both men’s and women’s styles, priced at ¥4,500.

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