The Most Expensive Swimwear Brands in 2018

It’s no secret that swimwear brands like Under Armour, H&M, and Nike have taken over the market over the last few years.

Now, there’s a new category on the horizon for brands like Uniqlo, with brands like Swimwear Models, Emily Ratajko, and Swimwear Brand Series.

Under Armour has long been one of the top brands in the world when it comes to swimwear and in 2018 they launched a new line of brands called the Under Armour Swimwear Series, which includes models like Swimsuit Models, Swimwear Fashion Series, and a Swimwear Collection.

There are so many new and exciting brands in this year’s Swimwear Collections, which will only grow in depth over the next few years as brands like H&M, Nike, and Uniqlos swimwear lines gain more traction.

The Under Armour Collection in 2018 is filled with models from a variety of swimwear companies, with a lot of brands like Bali-based Uniqloon, American company Under Armour and Nike, British company Underwear UK, and French brand Uniqla being the mainstays in this collection.

This collection will be available for pre-order starting today for $250 USD.

There’s also a new collection from H&am model-turned-sportswear-star Swimwear Model Series, featuring models like Hana, Emma Rata, and Emma’s Swimsuit, and there’s also Swimwear Style Series which features models like Dolly, Hannah, and Hana.

For $125 USD, you can get a collection from the swimwear company’s swimwear collection called Swimwear Design Series, in which models like Hannah, Emma, and Hannah’s Swimsuits are featured.

You can also buy Swimwear Designer Series swimwear from Under Armour as well, featuring model-inspired models like Emily, Emilia, and Anna’s Swimshoes.

The Swimwear Designs series will continue to expand as brands get more into the sportswear industry, with models like Kandi, Tiana, and Kandi’s Swim Shoe.

If you want to get your hands on a collection, check out the Swimwear Collectors Guide below to get an idea of the best brands that are in this new category.