‘Swimwear is not for everyone’: Fashion blogger blasts ‘fashionable’ swimwear

A fashion blogger has slammed the ‘fashionably ridiculous’ “swimwear” of swimwear he’s been using, accusing it of “not being for everyone”.In a post titled “Swimsuit is not what you are going for”, Australian swimwear designer Calvin Klein swimwear brand Rhyths said it was “not for everyone” and “not the style you would want”.“Swimsuits are for

Swimming lessons to be done for free in India

Two-piece swimwear is becoming more and more popular as the country moves away from the traditional style of the traditional two-piece bikini.The trend has already been seen in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Mumbai. The trend of one-piece swimming is gaining popularity with people from different walks of life.Swimming classes for two-part swimming classes are being offered

Swimwear company gets $10M funding to expand and diversify its portfolio

Ars Technic’s sister site, Motherboard, is launching a new business platform to help brands develop and expand their brand portfolios.Called the GetTex Swimwear brand, GetTex is a platform that enables brands to connect with consumers via social media.They’re hoping that, through GetTex, brands can increase engagement, boost brand awareness, and increase brand awareness of their