Watch ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Season 11 premiere video!

WATCH: Watch The Real Housewife of Beverly Hillside’s Season 11 Premiere Video!“There is something special about a real housewife who can wear a swimsuit,” she said.“The first time I met her, she was like, ‘I’m wearing a bikini.You should wear a bikini.’And I was like wow, that’s a real-life woman.That’s a woman who is a

How to be eco friendly in the water: How to choose the right swimwear

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that’s a good fit for your body type, and not a big, bulky garment, you might want to look at Monokini.Monokinis are designed to be very water-resistant, but they’re made from high-quality, organic fabrics that are also designed to last.They’re made in Japan and are made with water-repellent and

How to wear the Amazon Surfwear Magic Suit

The Amazon Surf wear a unique design and a design inspired by the internet, which means the suit doesn’t fit the typical beachwear template.Amazon created the suit to offer customers a more versatile, wearable alternative to traditional beachwear.“The suit combines a traditional bikini and a swimsuit with an updated silhouette that makes it a great

How to Wear the Best Swimwear for Men

When you’re shopping for swimwear for your next event, you’ll want to make sure you know the difference between the models of clothing available.To get a better understanding of what suits your style, we put together a list of top-of-the-line swimwear brands.Read more in our feature on the best swimwear options for men.Read the full